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11th Term: CNEL in the next 5 years

The CNEL programme for the 11thCouncil term is the result of a collegial approach, centred on collaboration between the different internal bodies and on the drive of the preliminary work carried out by the Committees.

The cornerstone of the programme is the renewed protagonism of social players, enhancing their points of convergence and thus contributing to the definition of a shared agenda that can enable the effective and timely fulfilment of the tasks of the National Council for Economics and Labour.

"Consistent with the provisions of Article 99 of the Constitution", said President Renato Brunetta, "the CNEL is a space for proposals and widespread consensus on major economic and social issues. In order to fulfil its role, the CNEL must necessarily develop a "country-wide vision" and maintain an active dialogue with all the intermediate bodies, serving as an active intermediator between the various partisan interests, for the benefit of the collective good". With this in mind, the new programme is developed under the banner of substantial continuity, but at the same time with a strong push for renewal"