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The CNEL is composed of 64 councillors, distributed as follows:

  • 10 experts, qualified exponents on economic, social, and legal affairs:
    • 8 members are appointed by the President of the Republic;
    • 2 members are proposed by the President of the Council of Ministers;
  • 48 representing the production categories: 22 for employees (including 3 delegates for managers, public and private executives), 9 for the self-employed, 17 for enterprises;
  • 6 Representatives designated by the National Council for the Third Sector, pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 117 of 3 July 2017.

To consult the composition of the 11th Term Visit the page in italian

The office of councillor is incompatible with the office of parliamentarian, government representative and member of regional councils. Their term of office is five years and they may be reappointed or revoked at the request of the institutions or organisations that appointed them.

As part of its institutional activities, the CNEL participates in dialogue and discussion, on issues within its competence, with counterparts and representatives at national and international level, including the European Economic and Social Committee.