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Presidency council
Committee on the Rules of Procedure
Councillor secretary of the Assembly

11th TERM


Special Committee on “Information, Training and Labour Policies”
I Committee on “Economic Policies and Production Activities”
II Committee on “Social Policies, Sustainable Development and Third Sector”
III Committee on “EU Policies and International Cooperation”

Other Bodies

National Body for the Coordination of Integration Policies for Foreigners
Committee for the Examination of Acts of the European Union
National Observatory for Social and Territorial Services
Equal Opportunities Committee
Council on Self-Employment and the Professions
Permanent Forum for the Culture of Sustainable Responsible Consumption
Permanent Forum on Business and Legality
Observatory for Inclusion and Accessibility
Council for Road Safety and Sustainable Mobility

“Illustrative representation of the governance bodies and the structure of the bodies and other offices and agencies of the 11th term”.

Thematic Working Groups are also expected, in line with the contents of the Activity Programme of the 11th term: Safety at work; Social Services, Pension Welfare; Artificial Intelligence; Workers participation in business management; Education on lifestyles, Consumption and Health; Desertification of bank branches.

The administrative organisation, on an illustrative level, is structured as follows:


Secretary General’s office

Ufficio Primo: Contracts Department, General Affairs, Archive and Library
Ufficio Secondo: Budget Office and Internal Auditing
Ufficio Terzo: Human Resources Department and Digital Transition
Ufficio Quarto: Labour market report,archive of contracts, investigation of economic and financial documents
Ufficio Quinto: Public Administration Report Office to citizens, EU policies and territorial policies